WIT Entrepreneur – NPO法人きずなメール・プロジェクト Kizuna Mail Project

Daily email services to support pre/postnatal mothers and families

◆◆ Entrepreneur ◆◆
大島由起雄 Yukio Oshima

◆◆ WIT Support (2012-) ◆◆



Management support including global expansion
Board & governance development training
English elevator pitch

◆◆ Location ◆◆

Multiple regions of Japan including Ishinomaki, Miyagi

◆◆ Issue ◆◆


Young mothers in Japan often find themselves going through pregnancy and raising children in an isolated environment. Access to support services that meet the individual needs of the mothers is often challenging, since most support information requires mothers and families to actively seek out the information. These situations often lead to postpartum depression and risk of child abuse.

◆◆ Solution and Input ◆◆


Kizuna Mail delivers emails to expecting and childbearing mothers on a daily basis. First, expecting mothers enter their due date, at which point Kizuna Mail will send an email in a timely manner. The emails contain contents that meet the needs of the individual mothers in partnership with local hospitals and governments. Such delivery of emails and messages continue until the child turns three years old.

◆◆ From Output to Impact ◆◆


To date, Kizuna Mail’s contents have been delivered to about 80000 mothers across 32 municipalities in Japan including Tohoku. At the global level, it has recently been translated in Thailand, and now is preparing to expand its service to the US. More than 96% of the readers were satisfied with the content. 62% of readers also noted that the newsletters calmed their anxiety, which also contributed to the prevention of loneliness during parenting.