WIT Entrepreneur – まんまるママいわて(任意団体) Mammaru Mom Iwate

Pre- and Postnatal Care by Midwives and Local Mothers

◆◆ Entrepreneur ◆◆
佐藤美代子 Miyoko Sato

◆◆ WIT Support (2012-) ◆◆



Organizational development
Vision and strategy development
English elevator pitch

◆◆ Location ◆◆

South inland and coastal parts of Iwate Prefecture

◆◆ Issue ◆◆


Even prior to the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, Iwate Prefecture lacked both certified midwives, and sufficient consultation time at hospitals for pregnant mothers. The fact that many pregnant mothers have to spend a long time getting to hospitals was also a serious problem. After the disaster, pregnant mothers who were separated from family and friends were under mental and emotional stress, yet had no place where they could all gather to receive support.

◆◆ Solution and Input ◆◆


Mammaru Mom established the salon in response to the community’s need for more certified OB-GYNs and midwives, quality care at hospitals, and a place for mothers to gather to support one another. At the salon, mothers can ask experts about pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. Mothers are also able to share their stories and experiences of pregnancy and childbearing with one another, while enjoying a cup of tea with their children playing around the facility.

◆◆ From Output to Impact ◆◆


To date, Mammaru Mom has served over 2,000 mothers and children across 200 salons in 8 cities. Mothers who went through the program returned to provide support to other mothers. In Fall 2016, Mammaru Mom established a place where postpartum mothers can receive care for the purpose of developing community based postnatal support.