WIT Entrepreneur – 世界ちょうどいい研究室 World Chodoii Lab

Good & Happy: Today’s Business Model for the Future of a Sustainable Society

◆◆ Entrepreneur ◆◆
千葉伸一 Shinichi Chiba

◆◆ WIT Support (2016-) ◆◆



Mentor matching
Board & governance training
Strategy development
English elevator pitch

◆◆ Location ◆◆

Matsushima, Miyagi

◆◆ Issue ◆◆


While global markets are rapidly growing, small businesses are striving to succeed within its own pool of competitors. The goal of these small businesses is not to go up against large-scale businesses; rather, they are working more at the grassroots level to stimulate economic growth from the bottom-up. World Chodoii Lab is a nonprofit that promotes small-scale, local businesses through means of simplicity and happiness.

◆◆ Solution and Input ◆◆

World Choudoii Laboは有限会社松華堂内に設立された研究室で「BIGになるよりGOODになろう。RICHになるよりHAPPYになろう」を合言葉に、幸せな経営を研究する。同時に世界中の様々な土地で頑張る小さな会社の経営者の相談相手となり、共に経営の目的を整理、コンセプトと手段を考え、その土地の魅力やオーナーの魅力を引き出し輝かせる手助けをする。

World Chodoii Lab’s motto is “Let’s be good rather than being big. Let’s be happy rather than being rich.” Through this mindset, World Chodoii Lab is aiming to grow small-scale businesses to stimulate the local and regional economy, especially businesses that were affected by the disaster in 2011. WCL’s goal is to help define and/or develop small businesses’ vision and mission, which would enable businesses to maximize their capacities for greater social impact.

◆◆ From Output to Impact ◆◆


Based on the motto, World Chodoii Lab is encouraging small businesses to ask themselves, what is most important to the business? What is “just the right fit”? Following one’s own moral compass and identifying the unique niche where these small businesses can exist sustainably are the two priority goals that World Chodoii Lab is trying to bring forth for small businesses across the world.