WIT Entrepreneur – NPO法人ホールアース自然学校福島校 Whole Earth Nature School Fukushima

Environmental Education Program and Teacher Training

◆◆ Entrepreneur ◆◆
和田祐樹 Yuki Wada

◆◆ WIT Support (2013-) ◆◆



Mentor matching
Funding website development and rebranding project
Communication training

◆◆ Location ◆◆

福島県 郡山市に拠点
Koriyama, Fukushima

◆◆ Issue ◆◆


Many parents residing in Fukushima do not want their children to play outside due to fear of radiation. The lack of opportunities to play outdoors will hinder children in their future growth and health. (Fukushima has the worst child obesity rate of all the prefectures.) Additionally, this separation only increases the lack of connection people can receive from being surrounded in nature.

◆◆ Solution and Input ◆◆


Whole Earth provides high-quality nature exploration programs, such as field camps and nature tours. A nature school in Fukushima holds programs especially for children living in Fukushima. A council network was established in collaboration with a local child support organization. Programs are offered along with Whole Earth, such as provision of training courses to develop future leaders of environmental education.

◆◆ From Output to Impact ◆◆


Whole Earth and Council Network organized a total of 70 Nature exploration programs, and served over 6000 individuals. Many participants gave positive feedback after participating in these programs. For example, a child said, “I learned that being in nature is fun,” and a parent of a participant said, “My kid likes nature now and has become strong-minded.” The one-year training course of environmental education serves about 50 students, and about 730 people have joined short-term programs.