WIT Cross-Border Learning Journey in Fukushima ~ US-Japan Collaboration for a Resilient Civil Society

Are you interested in making a difference and contributing to the US-Japan relationship in a real and practical way?  Using the skills, capabilities and networks that you’ve already acquired you can help those in need in Japan!
In Cross-Border Learning Journey hosted by with WIT (World in Tohoku), a Japanese nonprofit, you can spend a week in Japan working with other US and Japanese leaders to solve challenges and problems of local people in Tohoku.  You will tour sites in the Tohoku Region to see first-hand the restoration process from the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011.  Then you will work in teams to use your skills to solve and overcome challenges.
Stop sitting on the sidelines – apply now and make a difference!


October 11th Wednesday – 15th Sunday, 2017 (Optional day on 16th)

Oct. 11 Wed. (Afternoon) Orientation and welcome dinner in Tokyo
Oct. 12 Thu. Field visit to coastal area of Fukushima
Oct. 13 Fri.~ Oct. 15 Sun. Field visits and workshops with local entrepreneurs in Fukushima
Oct. 16 Mon. Optional Tohoku trip. Enjoy a hot spring and food in Tohoku!

During your visit to Japan, you will:

◆  Learn about the ongoing restoration process from the triple disasters of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear incidents, and the social/nonprofit sector in Japan.
◆  Have an opportunity to use your skills and experience to collaborate with local social entrepreneurs in Fukushima.
◆  Meet with a diverse group of people across different sectors (nonprofit, business, and public) from Japan and the U.S.

Program Details

Program Details (general and for WIT Accelerators)
Program Details (for USJC Members)

Testimonials from the participants of 2016 Cross-Border Learning Journey

◆  “Professionals from different cultures and languages gathered for the Cross-Border Learning Journey, and despite these differences, everyone was genuinely curious to learn about Mammaru Mama’s work and gave me invaluable advice. Thank you so much!” – Miyoko Sato, Executive Director, Mammaru Mama (one of the social entrepreneurs participated)

◆  “After meeting and engaging with Tohoku social entrepreneurs of Tohoku, all of whom are dealing with such complex social issues in their work, I was reminded of a quote by Courtney Martin that says, “don’t go because you’ve fallen in love with solvability.” The diversity that each individual of this program brings forward is incredible. It’s also hard to believe that this was WIT’s first-ever Cross-Border Learning Journey, given how seamless and successful this program was this year. This was also the first time for me to meet a range of social entrepreneurs and professionals from various backgrounds in one convening. The Cross-Border Learning Journey is truly a unique and special place and community.” – Geoffrey Hoefer, Omomuki Foundation (one of the US participants)

◆  “In the 10 years I’ve been running this business, I’ve participated in a lot of workshops; however, the Cross-Border Learning Journey exceeded my expectations and it was the first program ever that allowed me to reaffirm and work towards the dream I’ve always had for Meiten. There was extreme value in engaging with such a diverse and global group, as they helped me realize my dreams once again.” – Wataru Kainuma, CEO, Urushi Rocks (one of the social entrepreneurs participated)

Learn about Past Learning Journeys

Reports of 2016 Cross-Border Learning Journey with Pictures:

An article written by one of the US participant and a journalist, Nancy Matsumoto, for program overview:

Program fee

Approx. $3400* per person including US-Japan flight tickets.
(Approx. $2400 per person for U.S-Japan Council members.)
* May subject to change depending on the number of participants, other available funding, flight schedule, and etc. See the program details.
* USJC members and WIT Accelerators are eligible for a discounted program fee. Please see program details below.

How to Apply

Please send an email to with your name and resume, as well as why you would like to participate in the program. WIT will reach out to you to schedule an individual call to know more about you and answer any questions you may have.
Apply by July 31st, 2017.

Information Call/Session

If you have any questions before you apply, please email to Mio Yamamoto (Executive Director, WIT) at
We are happy to give a talk/presentation about WIT and this Learning Journey to a group of people or an individual upon request.