WIT Spring Newsletter: Impact Report etc.

Hello, hope you are enjoying beautiful spring whenever you are on the globe!
Please enjoy our spring e-newsletter for stories about our Impact Report, announcement of change of our organization name from World in Asia to World in Tohoku, and membership recruitment.

Best wishes,
Mio Yamamoto
Managing Director, World in Tohoku (WIT) (Former World in Asia)

■□ Index □■
1. From World in Asia to World in Tohoku
2. Impact Report – Worldness Effect
3. We are looking for members! (WIT Friend, Ambassador, Partner, and Fellow)

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■□ 1. From World in Asia to World in Tohoku □■

WIA started in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Tohoku (northeastern) region of Japan on March 11th, 2011. After three years of working with nine social entrepreneurs in Tohoku, we decided to change our organization name to WIT (World in Tohoku).

WIT 春のお便り ~インパクトレポート、団体名変更、メンバー募集のお知らせ


弊団体の名称変更―World in AsiaからWorld in Tohokuへのご報告、

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■□ 目次 □■
1.World in AsiaからWorld in Tohokuへ
2.インパクトレポート Worldness Effect

■□ 1.World in AsiaからWorld in Tohokuへ □■

3年後の2014年3月、名称を WIT(World in Tohoku) へ変更いたしました。