第2回WITラーニングジャーニー/ WIT Learning Journey Vol. 2

Our second Learning Journey took place in Iwanuma, Miyagi, in 2015 winter.

WIT investees and Partners spent one night and two days together to know with each other, and discuss challenges and opportunities of the investees’ activities and organizations.


今回のファシリテーターは、代表の山本に加えて、PCC(国際コーチ連盟認定プロフェッショナルコーチ)の島崎湖さんに来ていただき、ORSC™ (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching) の手法も使いながら、ワークをしました。

Day 1 was designed so that the participants get to know each other in depth, through sharing one’s passion and vision and observing others’ strengths. We spent the latter of the day discussing investees’ achievements and challenges.
Some of the exercises were taken fromORSC™ (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching), co-facilitated by Izumi Shimazaki, PCC, and Mio, Managing Director of WIT.

We had a more diverse group of attendees than the last Learning Journey. Investees had in-depth discussion with WIT Partners with such expertise as organization management, governance, marketing, finance, business development, and leadership training.

Of course, Tohoku’s delicious food and Sake completed our day. Many stayed up and talked all night!

Day 2 started a special Taiqi lesson by Jiro Atsuta! Breathing in and out against the blue sky and green mountain. So relaxing and invigorated with the planet’s power.


After Taiqi, we dove into a small group discussion on what is the real challenge (as opposed to tip-of-the-iceberg challenge) and how each investee better approaches it. For Investees, they not only gained insights from WIT Partners but also shared similar challenges and wisdom with peer social entrepreneurs. All kept discussing even during the break time.


In the afternoon, we had a kickoff and experiential workshop of a newly launched project “Organization Development Connecting People and Minds.” Every single organization faces communication challenge inside their team
or with external stakeholders. Chimichi (investee) and WIT has been co-developing this project to help the investees and their teams to excel at their team management.

Here are some of the comments from participants!

“I have rarely met this type group of people, where we can talk what we need to talk in a open and frank way.” – Investee
“We as a team built a relationship with WIT Partners and senior entrepreneurs in which we can discuss things in a safe environment” – Investee

“I have participated and led many workshops before, but this is one of the most diverse group of people.” – WIT Partner and facilitator
「チームで「課題」に対する見方をあわせられ、具体アクションが決まった。 ひとつひとつの課題を掘り下げ自分の言葉で話をしていくにつれてその課題の根源の問題は何なのか考える視点を得られた」ー投資先
“Our team was able to share our view on our challenges and came up with concrete action steps. Through discussing our challenge, I learned to think through what is the root of the issue.” – Investee
“In the last appreciation exercise, I strongly felt I want to stay engaged in this community.” – Volunteer
“I finally met a community where I don’t have to over-stretch myself. I’m really glad I attended this journey.” – Investee

Our third Journey will be on July 18th and 19th, 2015. Excited to have new investees next time and learn from each other!

Thank you so much for those who supported and/or participated in the Learning Journey!

WIT投資先 / WIT investees
クリスティーナ・アメージャンさん、一橋大学 / Christina Ahmedjian, Hitotsubashi University
笹原優子さん、株式会社NTTドコモ・ベンチャーズ / Yuko Sasahara, NTT Docomo Ventures
野本仁さん、Integrity / Hitoshi Nomoto, Integrity
藤島敬太郎さん、株式会社リクルートマネジメントソリューションズ / Keitaro Fujishima, RECRUIT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS CO.,LTD.
熱田二朗さん、株式会社フォーラムジャパン / Jiro Atsuta, Forum Japan
島崎湖さん、コファシリテーター / Izumi Shimazaki, Co-acilitator
相川千絵さん、通訳 / Chie Aikawa, Interpreter
佐藤和幸さん、ボランティア / Kazuyuki Sato, Volunteer
大谷拓明さん、ボランティア / Takuaki Oya, Volunteer
奥山瑠捺さん、ボランティア / Runa Okuyama, Volunteer
井上英之さん、WIT理事 / Hideyuki Inoue, WIT Board member
井上有紀さん、一般社団法人イノラボ・インターナショナル / Yuki Inoue, INNO Lab International

文責 山本未生 / Written by Mio Yamamoto


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